tri club

athlete of the month - June 2011

Matt Breakspear

Name: Matt Breakspear

Age: 33

Alias: Matty

Best remembered at squad for……

Being anti-social at run sessions by running off the front only to watch Fuller run even further off the front.

The only thing to keep me away from training is…….

Pneumonia, norovirus, influenza, broken ankles and any other perks that come from working at a hospital

Next year I'm writing my own Biography, the title will be……..

"How to get people to pay you and give you free stuff for nothing" I'm hoping it will be a big seller.

My favourite piece of clothing is……..

Of all time - a pale blue safari suit that I used to own back in uni days. No idea where it is now…

Currently - Anything that keeps me warm

One thing people don't know about me is……..

My dog rules my life. I have to fit training, working etc around taking him for walks and feeding him liver treats

On holidays, I like to…………..

Go to Noosa or any beach location. Nothing better than lying on the beach and all you have to worry about is what to eat next.

The person who gets way too much publicity is….

Brad Dalrymple.  Other than that, most football players.

Make me coach and I will……

Cancel swimming forever. All sessions will be focused on the bike and run.

Might deplete squad numbers.

Parting comment………

Had to fit it in somewhere - Harden the F@$K Up, no excuses, get the training done and you'll get results.