tri club

athlete of the month - January 2010

Emily Glegg

Age: at this very moment 19 & 20 (happy birthday to us on the 14th and 16th)

Alias: Alice: aka "Milo", Somalian Goat Herder and Emily: aka "Otis", Greggo

Best remembered at squad for……
Crashing into each other at bike training
Gumby marks
Kicking Marto's ass in the pool
Having an enormous amount of energy at 5:30am!
The only thing to keep us away from training is……
The other one piking, scrubbing off gumbi marks and having sore asses from stacking it A over T after running into one another.

Next year we're writing our own Biography, the title will be……..
"The adventures of Milo and Otis".

Our favourite piece of clothing is……..
Our pink Fidler cycling kit.
One thing people don't know about us is……..
Alice- plays the cello in a concert band.
Emily- represented QLD in Netball and is starting ski racing.

On holidays, we like to…………..
Ride our bikes with our water bottles filled with vodka and spend as much time as possible at the beach

The person who gets way too much publicity is….
T. Fiddy

Make us coach and we will……
Make bike bells and reflectors compulsory

Parting comment...a little song we came up with
Original song "Tic, Toc" by Kesha, lyrics altered by Milo and Otis
Wake up in the morning feeling like T.Fiddy
Put my cleats on, im out the door, I'm gonna hit Bris city
Before we leave, have some feed like a piece of fruit cob
Coz when we leave from myagz we aint comin back
Were talkin zinc is on our nose nose
Swimmin with all our bro's bro's
Paying out all the ho-bo's
slow-winding, playing our favourite CD's
pulling up in the morning
trying to run like Christine...
Don't stop, don't give up
Otis throw those PJ's off
U n I, gonna fight
just to see the sun rise
Tick tock on the clock...
Milo keep that cadence up, no
Whoa-oh oh oh
Whoa-oh oh oh