tri club

athlete of the month - February 2010

Ian Butler

Best remembered at squad for……I have recently been thrown into the limelight after the birth of my son Alex. Prior to that I have spent several years bringing up the rear in lanes 2-4 at swimming.

The only thing to keep me away from training is…….Rain, heat, cold, too tired, knee pain, hip pain, flat tyres and falling off my bike on the way in on Saturday morning.

Next year I'm writing my own Biography, the title will be……"England is a very good place to come from as long as you don't get sent back".

My favourite piece of clothing is…….Hats, gloves and scarves - you can never have enough and they can be worn in a variety of ways to make any outfit look totally different!!

One thing people don't know about me is……My partner Fleur and I won a team silver medal at the Noosa triathlon in the aviation category - we had just flown in from the UK.

On holidays, I like to…break bones - I managed to fracture four different bones on consecutive holidays.

The person who gets way too much publicity is….Grant Denyer from Sunrise or wherever.

Make me coach and I will ban leg shaving - I believe it gives an unfair advantage to those with good grooming skills. (you never see anyone with hairy legs win a triathlon - perhaps there should be a hairy leg category?)

Parting comment……… Life is but a lentil in the chicken soup of society.