tri club

athlete of the month - December 2011

Jo Sherman

Name:          Jo Sherman

Age:            45

Alias;           Shermanator

Best remembered at squad for ...running barefoot

The only thing to keep me away from training is ...alarm set to PM instead of AM (happens often!)  

Next year I'm writing my own Biography, the title will be ...

Not sure about my Biography but I'd really like my final words to be something like "Either that wallpaper goes or I do".     

Maybe my bio could be "Chewing like Crazy"    (i.e. after biting off more than you can chew.. hmm, maybe not).   Actually I think I'd skip the bio altogether and just publish some of my most embarrassing mixed metaphors instead like "Let's kill two birds and make a stone" or "I'm between a chicken and a hard egg".   Seriously.   I said these things.   In public L

My favourite piece of clothing is ...my tutu

One thing people don't know about me is …I'm an IT geek

On holidays, I enjoy …

Family, friends, beach, organic stuff, reading anything except sporting magazines and the courier mail, tending to my (otherwise  neglected) roses - forgive me Mr Lincoln!

participating in random races in far flung lands, like the Steve Prefontaine Memorial Run in Coos Bay, Oregon  (http://www.prefontainerun.com) where the best hotel in town proudly displays a big sign that says "Pets Welcome"       

The person who gets way too much publicity is ...

  Bob ("I went to bed a feather duster and I woke up a cock-a-doodle doo") Katter

Make me coach and I will...make everyone run barefoot

Parting comment…  Thanks Troy, for reminding me that no one ever drowned in sweat.