tri club

athlete of the month - August 2012

Chris Chetham

Name: Christopher Chetham

Age: 49!!!

Alias: Chetto

Best remembered at squad for……Loyalty

The only thing to keep me away from training is, Mountain bike accidents, Post Cairns Flu and too many Running Injuries. After years of advice, the time to hit the core strength stuff (pilates, yoga) has come. Just hate those sessions that are not considered sport.

Next year I'm writing my own Biography, the title will be……..Netball coaching for DummiesDads. The art of training primary school girls

My favourite piece of clothing is……..my Z Brand cargo pants that I purchased a couple of years ago, from the very groovy Island Luxe store in Bangalow. Fell apart from the first day I wore them. But they are sooo comfortable, I continuously get out the needle and thread to fix them.

One thing people don't know about me is……..I can sew, but I can't cook.

On holidays, I like to…………..Forget about deadlines, construction problems, high maintenance clients and just chill out with the daughters. Preferably down Bryon way when the swell is up and the wind offshore.

The person who gets way too much publicity is….Twittering sports stars. The word Twitsays it all.

Make me coach and I will……Mix it up, add some fun and handicap the fast.

Parting comment………Cop that blondie! Ask Curro he will tell you the story